The pysat.params class provides a central location for storing a variety of parameters used by pysat as well as custom user provided settings. An overview of currently stored parameters may be found using

import pysat

pysat Parameters object
Tracking 7 pysat settings
Tracking 1 settings (non-default)
Tracking 0 user values

Standard parameters:
clean_level : clean
directory_format : {platform}/{name}/{tag}/{inst_id}
ignore_empty_files : False
file_timeout : 10
update_files : True
user_modules : {'sw': {'dst': 'pysatSpaceWeather.instruments.sw_dst',
                       'f107': 'pysatSpaceWeather.instruments.sw_f107',
                       'kp': 'pysatSpaceWeather.instruments.sw_kp',
                       'ace': 'pysatSpaceWeather.instruments.sw_ace'}}
warn_empty_file_list : False

Standard parameters (no defaults):
data_dirs : ['/Users/tutorial_users/ScienceData']

User parameters:

Most parameters may be assigned or updated via standard assignment and are stored to disk automatically in a thread-safe manner.

# Update existing file_timeout parameter
pysat.params['file_timeout'] = 15

# Add new user parameter
pysat.params[user_param_str] = user_param_value

All of the standard parameters above may be restored to defaults using:


but this command leaves parameters with no working defaults, like data_dirs, unchanged. To clear all parameters:


A description of each of the parameters and its use in pysat may be found using:


Default parameters and values tracked by this class:
    Values that map to the corresponding keywords on pysat.Instrument.
         'clean_level' : 'clean'
         'directory_format' : os.path.join('{platform}', '{name}',
                                           '{tag}', '{inst_id}')
         'ignore_empty_files': False
         'update_files': True

    Values that map to internal pysat settings:
         'file_timeout': 10; Window in time (seconds) that pysat will wait
             to load/write a file while another thread uses that file
             before giving up.
         'user_modules' : {}; Stores information on modules registered within
             pysat. Used by `pysat.utils.registry`
         'warn_empty_file_list' : False; Raises a warning if no files are
             found for a given pysat.Instrument.

    Stored pysat parameters without a working default value:
         'data_dirs': Stores locations of top-level directories pysat uses to
             store and load data.

The data_dirs setting is required to successfully instantiate a pysat.Instrument object.

The user_modules parameter is used by the pysat.utils.registry module and may not be modified through direct assignment.