Citations in the pysat ecosystem

When referring to this software package, please cite the original paper by Stoneback et al [2018] as well as the package Note that this DOI will always point to the latest version of the code. A list of DOIs for all versions can be found at the Zenodo page above. Depending on usage, citation of the full ecosystem paper by Stoneback et al [2023] may also be appropriate.

Example for citation in BibTex for a generalized version:

  author       = {Stoneback, R.A. and
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                  Hargrave, N. and
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                  von Bose, V. and
                  Pembroke, A. and
                  Iyer, G. and
                  Luis, S.},
  title        = {Python Satellite Data Analysis Toolkit (pysat) vX.Y.Z},
  year         = 2021,
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.1199703},
  url          = {}

A simplified implementation of the citation.

Stoneback, Russell, et al. (2023). pysat/pysat v3.1 (Version v3.1). Zenodo.

Citing the publications:

  author    = {Stoneback, R. A. and
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  author    = {Stoneback, R. A. and
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To aid in scientific reproducibility, please include the version number in publications that use this code. This can be found by invoking pysat.__version__.

Information for appropriately acknowledging and citing the different instruments accessed through pysat is available as Instrument attributes inst.acknowledgements and inst.references. If this information is missing, please consider improving pysat by either submitting an issue or adding the information yourself.