Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does pysat support data from … mission?

  1. Possibly! A full list of supported instruments, models, and scientific indices can be found at Supported Instruments. The status of instruments and repositories currently under development can be found on the wiki.

Q. Yeah, but what about …?

  1. If a data set is not in the current list of instruments or on the develop branch of one of the repositories, consider contributing to the appropriate repository. If no such repository currently exists, you may either do it yourself or contact the pysat development team. You may also create a single instrument template and use it locally. However, contributions are very welcome!

    Check out info about Adding a New Instrument and make sure to read the development guidelines in the Contrubiting section.

Q. My question isn’t listed here :(

  1. Add it to the wiki FAQ, join the pysat slack channel, add a question issue to the appropriate pysat GitHub repository, or email the development team at